& Worst Of All, I See You In Me
I want a girl.


I want a girl to cuddle with me at night.
I want a girl that can wear my hoodies and I can wear hers.
I want a girl that will like me for me and not just because I’m a girl.
I want a girl that understands my weird taste in things.
I want a girl that will love me and let me love her.
I just really want a girl.


I want someone to really want me. Make a big deal about me, tell me I’m on your mind way too fucking much but you kinda like it. Make it completely obvious that I’m the person you want. Tell me you can’t wait to see me; show me how you feel so I can feel it too.
Make me feel something I’ve never felt before. Tell your friends about me & I’ll tell them about how you make butterflies swam my stomach. Want me as much as I want you.


Cuddling is about making her feel safe. To have your arms around her so she feels protected. Running your fingers along her arm and gazing into her eyes. No words will need to be said, for she will feel the love in every kiss. With her head against your chest she can feel your heart beating for her. Letting her know at that very moment nothing could go wrong.

you have
parts of me
that will
always be
yours —
even if
you don’t
want them.
Kei, why missing you gets under my skin (via abluesforbrklyn)



Children are not possessions.
Children are not accessories.
Children are not relationship band aids.
They are tiny people with the same amount of feelings as an adult.

But with less capacity to process, express and healthily contain those feelings when necessary.

Be kind to them.



love & lesbos ☻♡




love & lesbos ☻♡



Omg this is so sweet it brought tears to my eyes, the simple joys




Omg this is so sweet it brought tears to my eyes, the simple joys


When I see flowers growing from graves I remember there is life after death. And when I feel the fireworks in veins when she grabs my hand, I remember that there is also life after you too.
Life moves on J.S (via unsads)


May I never tell my son to man up

May I never tell my daughter to act like a lady

May I never call their exceptional weird

May I never laugh at their eccentricities 

May I never try to correct the way they see the world


May I always encourage them

to change 

my vision

and may 

I learn from them

the way 

my mother








this!!!! <3

Sometimes I regret being nice, apologizing when I didn’t do anything wrong, and for making unworthy people a priority in my life
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